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Complete astrological natal chart

To know oneself better, to accept oneself and to be accepted by others. To stop looking for oneself and know how to best use one’s abilities.

So that I can perform this complete astrological chart, I invite you to send me your birth details by email, namely the date and time of birth as well as your place of birth. On the other hand, please tell me about your family situation (married, unmarried, children, no children, divorced, single, etc…) as well as your social status (profession).

For this theme, there will be a waiting period of one month so this one, which will first be written in French by myself, can be translated by my collaborator and professional translator. Once the full translation has been completed, you will receive your theme by email. I will of course remain at your disposal for all your questions.

price: 77 € :  by credit card or Paypal