Complete astrological karmic chart

Astrology, like a personal mirror, is the reflection of our soul. It teaches us through the elements that constitute your chart to know your inner self, and reveals to you your true identity in its essence and in its manifestation. Karmic astrology assumes an experience of the past, past lives, and it is often said that karma is a moral law of cause and effect. This law encourages doing good and avoiding evil deeds, while providing an explanation of the evils and benefits that can affect a person.

How to proceed:

Send me your birth details by email, namely the date, time and place of birth; as well as your romantic (married, single, divorced, children, no children, etc…) and social situation (profession).

After about a month, you will receive your personal study (analysis of your karmic chart) carried out by me, and fully translated into English.

Price: 77 € by credit card or Paypal